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Propose Revalent Ordinances Ominating Freely Intuitive Sociately Externalized Enactments

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An open forum to present theories concerning connections between seemingly irrelevant events of special interest with perhaps the outcome of revealing a possible future.

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- This community will primarily aim to be informative - with a twist.
- The twist comes with the territory of your mind - what can you see? Prove it!

- It is requested that people submit more than just, say, a news article. This isn't a news broadcasting community... in the traditional sense.

- Submissions should contain relations to at least two 'real world' instances, although preferably more, such as a published paper, book, documentary, news report or commonly known events etc.
- EVEN works of fiction can be used as primary references, such as books, movies, poetry etc.
- Opinion pieces may ALSO be used, beyond the required two 'real world' instances, as secondary references such as auto-biographies, blogs, news editorials etc.

- NOTE: All submissions require approval! Approval is the only control in this community. Anyone can post, anyone can comment, anyone can become a member.
- This is not a place for streams of consciousness, no matter how interesting.
- Singular concepts, no matter how thoroughly thought of or abstracted, are of little use without context and connection. Try abstractthought.
- Act responsibly and accordingly. My judgement is final, should it be required.

- Ultimately you should be expressing what you hope to show with your post and how each instance, to you, relates to the other and what this all might portend.
- Members should feel free to play with these informative ideas so that we can build on them and thus help lead us to further or other revelations.

- It is in the above manner that i hope to generate some constructive debate within the community. The methods and indeed aims of the community is to probe interesting lines of thought and inspect peculiar patterns that seem to arise in society at large.

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There is no truth.
It just seems that way.

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If someone manages to make a prediction from their theory, they'll be made honorary co-maintainer as a prize ;)

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Everything will be documented in these areas:

- Protents
- Fulfiled
- Appindex